Multidisciplinary artist
Live and work in France

Through his creative process, Jorgen Andreas 76 explores the link between painting, the body and feelings, focusing on an openness, a freedom of form, color and intention, creating a link between gesture, material (tool, material) and perception through the action of painting. 

His works have no calculated or planned subjects or objects, but are initiated from the gesture, colors and spaces in which they are inscribed, building an abstract pictorial elevation through basic elements such as color, line, erasure and memory, the frame and the interaction of the "audience." While working on his painting, Jorgen Andreas 76 also makes the viewer react with the images and colors that appear by associating the memory of the images with spaces, colors, places, energies. A compilation of his experience. This allows him to describe and explore his subconscious, to leave a trace of the invisible, of the past gesture, in society.