Digital painting - NFT 
Post Digital Graffiti 

IWhen Jogen discovered the world of crypto-currencies, he quickly became passionate about this ecosystem. Jorgen considers that the future will be in the blockchain.

Naturally, as an artist, graphic designer, and jack-of-all-trades, Jorgen became interested in digital painting and is very familiar with CAD software.  From the creation of the painting, to the music, and the video editing, he can fully blossom in his works. A system that allows him to combine his interest in blockchain, DTP, and his practice as an artist. He can create his digital paintings and present them as NFTs.

 A new field is opening up for his digital paintings and a multitude of other generative digital projects. He combines real paintings with NFT, combining various contents. 

Digital painting - NFT - Post Digital Graffiti

 Each work generated by Jorgen is unique and made from a set of parameters. The works are made from MP4- GIFS - JPEG files, combining music and digital painting, or/and real works (Paintings, Drawings...).

The "Post Digital Graffiti" series is generated, thought, represented by a living Artist.
Each NFT is a work of art in its own right, composed with the help of several software programs. Computer Assisted Production.

Each work is unique as a digital painting in the form of NFT. 
They are a vast set of research. 

you can see them on the link